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San Diego Couples Session | Brooke + Phil | Cori Taylor Photography

Let's just cut to the chase... Brooke & Phil are two of the most attractive people I have ever met! haha But for real, they are not only gorgeous, but SO down to earth and fun to be around! The tide was way too high and crazy at the beach we went to for our first location (see the crashing waves against the cliff in the background? haha) so we stayed up on top of the cliff and still got some AMAZING views. Even though it was drizzling and a bit slippery in the wet sand/dirt they were such troopers!!! After the beach, we dried off, warmed up and headed to the most aesthetically pleasing laundromat I've ever seen. If you're wondering if that's even possible... just keep scrolling and I think you'll agree. City settings always push me out of my comfort zone and I freaking LOVE it! It's always so fun to get those creative juices flowing whenever you get the chance!

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