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San Clemente Day After Session | Julia + Justin | Cori Taylor Photography

Julia + Justin had tied the knot a few days before at the courthouse before our session, but still wanted some fun photos of just them in their wedding attire AND hanging out in their happy place! We ran around in the sand in their wedding clothes without a care in the world because they were already married! They were the absolute sweetest! Day After sessions are seriously soooo much fun! All the stress and anticipation of the wedding day is over and you get to be fully present with zero worries for the whole shoot! And you get wayyy more photos of just the two of you because of the time constraints a traditional wedding day has

. I forgot how much I loved San Clemente! The beach was pretty much empty & just a tad bit chilly, but that didn't stop these two from getting into their bathing suits with their surf boards for a quick sesh! I'm seriously DYING to shoot more water sessions because holy moly, this was SO MUCH FUN!

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