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Mammoth Lakes Proposal | Kristina + Kevin | Cori Taylor Photography

Kristine + Kevin are some of our best friends who came up to Mammoth with us over the New Year holiday. Kevin had torn his Achilles this past summer so he couldn't snowboard with us, so they decided to have a cozy day in the cabin & take their pup Mia on an afternoon walk. When my fiancé and I got back to the house, Kristina yelled to me from upstairs to come up right away. I went upstairs and she flashed me her new BIG RING on her finger!!! I screamed uncontrollably and hugged the living daylights out of her, then proceeded to yell at Kevin for not telling me because I could have hid in the bushes and captured the whole thing from them haha! But they wanted that special moment to be just a private moment between them :) So later that afternoon we walked back over to the exact spot that Kevin got down on one knee and took some photos so they would have some memories that would live on forever of that special place where they got engaged!!! The rest of the trip everyone was on such an emotional high! Ahhh proposals are just the absolute best, especially when they are your best friends!

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