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Crystal Cove Engagement | Laura + Luis | Cori Taylor Photography

Laura reached out to me wanting an awesome beach spot for her engagement photos with her fiancé Luis. Beach shoots are my freaking jam so I said HELL YES GIRL, let's do this! We decided on Crystal Cove (one of my faveeee spots) and it ended up being one of the prettiest days I think I've ever spent there. The sun was setting perfectly behind these amazingly perfect clouds and I literally could not stop screaming for freaking gorgeous it was!!! Laura & Luis were literally up for anything and everything I threw at them. We seriously had the best time with their pup Bruce for the first few photos, (I'm obsessed with him obviii), cruised down the cliff trails to the ocean, frolicked through the water and froze our butts off running back up to our cars after haha (worth it!!!). It was such a perfect night out and I'm so glad I got to meet this super awesome couple because now I am shooting their perfect destination wedding in Cancun later this year!!!!! I can't even begin to describe how excited I am for that too!

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