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Laguna Beach Proposal | Jasmine + Avneet | Cori Taylor Photography

Avneet reached out to me saying he wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a proposal while they were in town from the East Coast and I was so stoked!!! Proposals are the most adrenaline rushing experience ever! He told Jasmine their friend was going to meet them on the beach for a couple photos before they went out to dinner with their family. When they got down to the beach and their friend wasn't there, Avneet got into position and got down on one knee on the empty beach and Jasmine was SO surprised when she saw this random girl (me lol) pop out getting the shots! Ahhh just thinking about it makes my heart race haha. We got to roam around the beach & head to another beach for some more super amazing photos of them before they went out to dinner to celebrate with their families! It was such a perfect night!

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