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Joshua Tree Couples Session | Alyssa + Riley | Cori Taylor Photography

I met Alyssa on Instagram soon after I started photographing weddings, then I got the opportunity to be her second shooter and we totally just CLICKED! Instant friends haha! I have shot a bunch of weddings with Alyssa now and she is the actual nicest human on the face of the earth!!!! AND she will actually be photographing my own wedding in August and I am beyond excited to have Alyssa there to capture it all!

Alyssa has been wanting to show her husband Riley around Joshua Tree for forever and when they finally got a weekend to getaway out there, they asked me to come and take some photos of them! I think I literally screamed and cried when Alyssa asked me. It is such a freaking honor when another photographer, especially one you look up to so much, asks you to take their photos! Like... I'm still in shock haha

We met up at their Airbnb, put on some music and got the party started! They jumped on the bed, listened to some old records and were CUTE AF the whole freaking time! Then we took a little break to wait for golden hour (or lack there of lol) and had a beer out in the backyard, then headed into the park to explore! It was literally freezing but they were such troopers and I'm so glad we spent this day together because these are some of my favorite photos of all time! Basically Alyssa & Riley should 10000% be models, like am I right or am I right?

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