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Roger's Garden Newport Beach Proposal | Erin + Ryan | Cori Taylor Photography

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Ryan reached out to me wanting to surprise his girlfriend Erin over the holidays by proposing to her! His plan was to lead her out to this GORGEOUS twinkly light decorated gazebo at Roger's Garden in Newport Beach and also have Erin's parents and sister there to pop out after the proposal! I was ALL IN the second I read Ryan's email... DUH! Everything went perfectly according to plan. Ryan told Erin there was a cool spot he wanted to show her outside and led her to this spot (while I was literally hiding in the bushes/cactus) through the rose petals and got down on one knee asking her to spend forever with him! I was just about as nervous as they were (okay maybe not, but almost!) She said YES and they are now planning their amazing

wedding for next year on the East Coast! I was soooo stoked to be a part of this special moment for them and cannot wait to see how beautiful their wedding is!

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