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Carlsbad Engagement | Courtney + Devon | Cori Taylor Photography

I went to college with Devon at Sonoma State University and saw that he recently got engaged to his cutie fiancé, Courtney! They had fixed up the inside of a van with cute hanging plants, a tiny kitchen, twinkly lights and the coziest bed to road trip all the way the west coast to up Canada to explore together. At the end of their month-ish journey up to Canada, Devon proposed to Courtney in the middle of millions of "wildflowers, surrounded by a glassy lake and towering mountains that reflected perfectly on the lake like it was a mirror" (Courtney's words from my questionnaire :) If that isn't the most perfect proposal, then I don't know what is!!!I had so much fun exploring Carlsbad with Courtney & Devon frolicking around on the cliffs then heading down to the ocean to splash around in the warm summer waves at sunset. To say it was magical, would be an understatement, and the fact that they are some of the most beautiful humans on this planet?! Yeah.. it was a freaking great day!!!

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