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Joshua Tree Engagement | Carla + Cesar | Cori Taylor Photography

Carla reached out to me saying "We love that you capture people as they are in intimate/fun/happy moments and the way the sun/light is just so perfect in your photography. We'd love for you to capture us in our silliness and in our joy just being around each other." This made SO FREAKING HAPPY because that is exactly what I'm all about and I was overjoyed that they wanted their session in Joshua Tree (the land of perfect golden hour light!). I met Carla & Cesar at their favorite Airbnb (the cutest little S-Camp trailer) that had a super colorful/cute hammock out front! So of course we had to play around in the hammock first, then we made our way out to the park to frolic in the desert, channeling their inner Beyoncé & Jay-Z (they were just at their concert the night before in Seattle!!!!). I had the best time with them just being silly, striking some crazy poses and exploring this amazing spot just off the side of the road. The sun was so golden and delicious and made for the perfect lighting that night. I'm so happy I met these two and that they were nice enough to help me get a cactus sticker out of my butt that poked through my jeans (just being real here haha!). I'll take a cactus sticker in the rear any day if it means I get to capture moments like this!!

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