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Hey, I'm Cori!

I am an ADVENTUROUS couples / engagement / elopement photographer based in Southern California, but ALWAYS down to travel to the epic location of your choice! 


I have a crazy obsession with my golden retriever puppies, Leo & Bailey, and all things to do with the ocean. Give me a glass of wine, a starburst colored sunset and an acaí bowl and I am one happy camper! 


One of my favorite things to do is just be in nature and get outside. If you like adventuring through sandy deserts, hiking though lush forests or splashing around in the ocean, I am your girl! When I am outside, I feel at home and my heart is happy. If you're thinking "omg me too!!," we can 100% capture some amazing moments together!

I LOVE each couple's unique relationship and being able to capture that in a specific, special moment in time through photography makes my heart explode with pure freaking happiness! 

To me, photography is a way to relive a vivid moment in time and be able to feel the joy or excitement that was felt in that exact second in time again and again, forever. It is a way of capturing memories that tell a story; your story.   



Let's talk

Note to all inquiring clients: 

Sadly, I am not taking on any new clients right now.


If you'd like any referrals for amazing photographers or videographers, please shoot me an email at

and I will send you a list of all my very talented friends who will take good care of you :) 




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